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'Ask a Muslim Anything' Tours New England

SEABROOK, New Hampshire – Touring New England to advocate for public awareness of Muslim culture, a Muslim photojournalist will hold his “Ask A Muslim Anything” conversation Thursday evening in Seabrook, New Hampshire. “It sort of has a life of its own now,” Robert Azzi, a Muslim photojournalist from Exeter, told Newburyport Daily News on Thursday, …

What Are the Limits in Asking Religious Questions?

What Are the Limits in Asking Religious Questions?

Assalamu Alaykum Dear Sister, Thank you so much and may Allah reward you for asking this question and for the beautiful humility you demonstrate in the way you ask your question. To answer you, of course you can ask questions, the companions of the Prophet used to ask him (peace and blessings upon him) about …

Muslim Counters Hate with Coffee, Donuts and Talk

The scene of a hijabi Muslim woman with a big bouquet of flowers and a sign inviting people to have free coffee, donuts and a conversation with a Muslim has become a regular one outside Cambridge Public Library.

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