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Kids Don’t Pray – How to Encourage Them?

Often people feel sad because they pray but their kids don’t pray. So how do we encourage them? We have to remember that children are watching us!

Often you will see when people pray, their expressions are sad. It is like they are fulfilling a job that is very difficult. When children see this, they will not be interested in praying.

You have to change your attitude towards praying. On Fridays, try and be the first ones in the lines. Go to the mosque early. This sends a clear message to the kids.

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When you wake up early for Salat ul-Fajr and you are enthusiastic about it what do you think your children will think. If you are smiling and you have a good expression, what do you think your children will see?

When children see their parents engaging in an act if worship that they are enjoying, they will see the contentment in your face because you prayed. This will make them want to be like that!