Is Your Friend Depressed? Check These 8 Signs.

Depression can be difficult to spot in yourself as well as someone else. It can easily be hidden from others. If you suspect your friend is depressed, then check these 8 signs and help them as much as you can. 

1. They ignore messages. It is important to still reach out to your friend. Don’t leave them alone. 

2. Disinterested in what they used to enjoy. Try not to judge them or interpret this as a reflection on you. 

3. Emotional outbursts. This can lead to irritability and misdirected anger at you. 

4. Significant change in appetite. This can go both ways. Either they don’t eat as much as normal or they eat more than normal. 

5. Body language communicates sadness. Hunched shoulders, head down or that they are weighed down with something are common signs. 

6. Energy seems off. People tend to conceal emotions in public when they are depressed. 

7. Seems more closed off than normal. If something is bothering them but they refuse to talk about it they may be depressed. 

8. Recently had a major life change. Life changes, positive or negative, can provoke depression. 

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