Finding Happiness after Suicidal Thoughts

Islam made her find happiness after suicidal thoughts. Every story about people turning back to Allah is different. Nevertheless they always inspire and let us feel we are not alone in the struggle.

We can all identify to a part of this sister’s story, whether it is the hardships before or after Islam.

Finding our path despite our sins and others ‘criticism or hate is never easy. Yet Allah has promised us that we will be rewarded when we are valuing our faith and being patient.

Our new sister has battled an overwhelming sense of emptiness leading her to cope with destructive methods. As a result it increased her self-worth issues.

In her own words, she explains her state of mind:

“I never belong anywhere”

“Nothing was fulfilling”

“I hated my life”

“I don’t want to be in this world anymore”

“I don’t want to be alive”

Her suicidal thoughts were taking over, but then she met a man who would become her husband.

After becoming a Muslim, she had to justify often that she didn’t do that for her husband but rather that her husband introduced her to Islam.

As she was trying to understand, she used her time to read and study which gave her confidence in her Faith mashaAllah.

“[…] I’m studying, I’m trying so hard to learn how to pray … and I’m getting there […]”

Check this video to listen to her touching story and her message:

“If you are scared about what people are gonna say or think(i.e. becoming a Muslim), […] don’t be scared!

 What was stopping me were my own fears.

Once you did it you are gonna be so happy

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