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My First Ramadan - Nicole's Story

Sister Nicole became a Muslim in 2017 and a few months later she experienced her first Ramadan! She found the first few days of fasting weren’t as bad as she expected. She found out she was pregnant 15 days into Ramadan, mashAllah! Ramadan Preparation for New Muslims – Where to Start?

My First Ramadan - Jeremy's Story

Jeremy converted to Islam just before he married his wife. His first Ramadan is as a newly wed and although it is not easy for them, they are managing it together! 8 Tips to Make Your First Ramadan a Ramadan to Remember

Hate Turned Into Love - I Used To Hate Muslims

He used to treat a Muslim kid badly at school. He felt bad and the Muslim boy gave him some books about Islam. His mother started to read about Islam and liked it. He wasn’t interested but hate turned into love after his mother passed away. Why Do People Hate Muslims?

Muslims Were All Arabs And They Hated America

Muslims Were All Arabs And They Hated America!

Sister Sam was heavily misinformed about Muslims before she accepted Islam. She thought Muslims were all Arabs and they hated America. She started to find out more when she lived across from a Muslim family. Did You Know that Muslims Ruled Part of Italy for Over 200 Years?

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