Filling Up the Spiritual Tank

How full is your spiritual tank?

As human beings we are created of two entities: the material source and we are comprised of a soul.

A soul that is breathed into us by Allah (SWT).

As material beings, the material side of this human being is attached to the earth.

And what happens in this dunya is that we become saturated in it.

And especially all of us can agree that we feel saturated in the dunya.

We are constantly dealing with and inundated with all sorts of images.

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The pornification of society is a real thing, where you see illicit images, illicit behavior rampant in every corner you turn.

You open up Youtube, you can’t get away – even if you are listening to an Islamic lecture – the advertisements may be something inappropriate.

We’ve all seen this.

TV is pumping images into our homes every single day.

Facebook, Twitter, billboards, … we feel saturated in this world.

On top of that, coupled with it, is materialism and all sorts of pursuits of wealth.

We have these careers and these pursuits that take up the entirety of our days sometimes.

Six, seven, ten hours out there working like work horses.

So the question is: Where does a person who submits and feels they need to submit to their Creator, Allah (SWT), where is their rouh (soul) that is breathed into them?

So we know that this material side is saturated, is this specific reality, but how about the soul?

And where can the soul break through this, and realize its attachment to its Creator?

What unique and beautiful about our religion is that true freedom of the soul lies in submission to its Creator.

That’s where the freedom of the soul lies. That’s where the enrichment of the soul lies.

It lies when you submit to Allah (SWT).

When you think of our beloved Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), before revelation came to him, he was in Makkah, he was walking around.

Think of his personal life and his social life, it was “perfect.”

He had a beautiful wife, Lady Khadijah, a very recognized well-loved woman in Makkan society.

He had beautiful children.

He had his businesses.

So he had financial comfort, social comfort.

They had just rebuilt the Ka’bah, and he was the one who placed the Black Stone.

Socially, economically and personally speaking everything was “great.” Right? From our perspective.

However, what did the Prophet, peace be upon him, feel?

He felt emptiness. He needed something greater.

He was seeking something higher.

So what did he start to do?

He went to the cave of Hiraa’, and he said he would love to go to the cave of Hiraa’.

Because he was seeking.

His soul was saying, no matter how much material I can have, but my soul needs something much more.

And so he went to the cave of Hiraa’ seeking Allah (SWT)….

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