Coronavirus: Knowing the Enemy!

When Coronavirus first emerged we knew very little about the disease and how fast it would spread across the world. Now, many months on, we are knowing the enemy!

Remember at the beginning the only symptoms we knew was a persistent cough and a high fever. Now we know loss of taste and smell is also a prominent symptom.


We have always known that the particles travel through the air from people coughing. They also spread when people talk to each other. The risk is highest when you are in close proximity to someone for more than 15 minutes. We know masks are a lot more protective than originally though. However, we still have to wash our hands and keep our distance.

Those most at risk are the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. That hasn’t changed, however, we know that some people still struggle with different symptoms after recovering from COVID19.

In the Spring the vaccines were in the lab! Now the successful lab tests have turned into successful trials in humans. We don’t know if the immune system response will be enough. It may protect some and not others. Vaccines are part of the answer.

There are some treatments for those people who are seriously ill in hospital. In the end it will be vaccines and treatments that will get us out of this. That is not forgetting lots of dua to Allah that we are out of this before too long!

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