10 Reasons to Embrace Islam

Why would anyone embrace Islam? In this video clip, “Give Me a Reason to Be Muslim,” you can find points to use in a discussion between people who are interested in becoming Muslim.

1- Islam gives clear and rational answers to the questions in one’s mind.

2- Islam takes the human nature into consideration.

3- Islam does not recognize blind submission and does not call for it.

4- Islam refuses worshipping creations.

5- Islam does not allow confusion in day to day life.

6- While religions are different on how they perceive the Creator, Islam answers this clearly. There is nothing like unto Him.

7- Islam respects all prophets.

8- Islam refuses alleged mediators between man and his Creator.

9- Islam does not force anyone to embrace it.

10- Islam changes the life of those who embraced it 180 degrees.

How do you convert to Islam?

I Want to Be Muslim: How Do I Convert to Islam?