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there are different scenarios, I wanted to gain in depth knowledge into.Please,answer them

1)If a person has confessed that the person did zina, but the person isn’t sure if it is fully zina,is the person going to get the Hadd Punishment?

2)if the person out of fear has confessed,because the person didn’t want to think confessing is like witnessing,and the person went forward and told,is that person going to receive Hadd Punishment?

3)If the person isn’t sure , whether the person has told four or more people,and think out of the four people,one has turned away and said not to tell anyone,does the person receive Hadd punishment

4)if a person later realizes that confession of the zina can also give rise to add punishment but after telling to four or more people,the person is just asking for Allah’s Forgiveness,can the person still hope for Allah’s forgiveness?and continue repenting?


I really cannot make sense out of your question.

Islamic punishments or hudud are meant to be deterrents. They are implemented only under strict conditions. If any of the requirements are questionable or shaky, the Hadd cannot be implemented. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Avert hudud punishments in the event of even an element of suspicion.”

Islam teaches us that we ought to seek repentance no matter how ugly our sins are. Once we do so, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. For details, please refer to the answer posted here;

The Door of Repentance Is Wide Open

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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