Adam’s Story of Abandonment and Surprising Adoption

Exclusive Interview

How do you think society in general views this practice of single women adopting abandoned babies?

Adlina: Actually, the number of abandoned babies is big! Perhaps we do not know where they are and what their fate is. I sincerely would like to thank those women who, despite not wanting the babies, are humane enough to deliver the babies at a proper healthcare facility and give them away to the right place. This is much better than those who mercilessly dump their babies on the streets, or even kill them.

It is important for society to understand that being judgmental does not solve any problem. There can be various reasons why these women choose to leave their newborns. Maybe some mothers are too young and lack social support. Or perhaps some are afflicted by poverty. Who are we to judge? Only God knows.

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To be honest, I do not know what people around me think about single women adopting babies. What really counts is that, I am doing the right thing. I was once even accused of going after fame and glamour by way of adopting Adam. This is because among singers and actors in this country, there is a trend of adopting orphans and they get a lot of publicity for that.

To me, it is not a question of glamour or emulating movie stars. We should simply encourage virtuous acts no matter who are involved. To those artists, I want to say thank you for giving the babies a chance for a better life.

What is your biggest hope?

Adlina: My hope is to see more people, regardless of age, gender and marital status taking the responsibility of looking after orphans and abandoned babies, and treats them with utmost compassion. The authorities too need to be more helpful and efficient to make the adoption process easier and less troubling. Many out there are eager to adopt but the procedures are too complicated and time-consuming.

I have always believed that it is better and healthier for these less fortunate children to grow up in a family-oriented environment rather than in institutions. Needless to say, some orphanages are over-crowded and lack sufficient manpower, so isn’t is better if those children are looked after at home?

How I wish society will be more understanding and give support to individuals who decide to adopt, regardless of their marital status! It is important to remove the social stigma. God willing, I am thinking of adopting a second one soon if circumstances are favorable.

What are the important messages that you want to communicate to the world out there?

Adlina: Children are gifts. We should appreciate them and mold them to be great human beings. If we can stop being judgmental and start sharing whatever we have with others, especially the unfortunate; this world will be a better place for all of us to live. Never hesitate to offer help and show kindness. Do not wait for others to start. Let us initiate, and be an example.

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About Raudah Mohd Yunus
Raudah Mohd Yunus is a researcher, writer and social activist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her research interests include aging, elder abuse, human trafficking and refugees health. She is the editor of two books; ‘Tales of Mothers: Of courage and love’ and ‘Displaced and Forgotten: Memoirs of refugees.’