How to Start Preparing Your Mind for Ramadan

With only three weeks left before Ramadan, it’s high time to start preparing our minds and souls in order to welcome the holy month. Let us transform our state of mind and spirit to one that is eagerly waiting for and craving its many benefits and rewards.

Let us connect strongly with the Quran and increase the voluntarily worship so that Allah would bestow His mercy upon us in such blessed days.

Let us take out our wallets and loosen our ‘purse strings’ in anticipation of giving heartily to those who are needy.

Let us humble our hearts in advance, and beg Allah to open up our chests in order to let the light and guidance of the Quran enter them in the coming month.

In this video, our sister explains the importance of fasting during Ramadan and how to prepare your mind, heart and spirit for the Holy Month Inshallah!