We Do It for Fun, They Do It for Survival

Stand With The Refugees

Have you imagined before that the little things you do for fun just like swimming or hiking, other people do for survival?

After watching this video you’ll get to know how hard life is for Rohingya refugees.

According to a UN report, the Burmese Rohingya Muslims are recognized as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities, stateless and oppressed people living in constant fear.

In the last few years, thousands of Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar have become displaced and with increasing restrictions on their freedoms, over 100,000 have fled the country.

Since 25 August, more than 18,500 Rohingya, a largely Muslim ethnic group, have fled into Bangladesh from Rakhine state. However, UN sources say they believe the true figure is closer to 28,000.

Recently,  700 Rohingya homes have been destroyed in one village and fires were burning Muslim homes in 100 Kilometer stretch by Burma military.

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