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Blockchain for Stateless Rohingya

Blockchain Digital Plan Brings Hope to the Stateless Rohingya

Imagine if tomorrow, someone took away your social security number, your passport and your driver’s license. If you had no official identity, how would you go to school or go to the doctor? What would you do to survive in your desperation? This is precisely the dilemma over three million Rohingya face worldwide. Who are …

Help Protect Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps

Create Jobs for Rohingya Women in Refugee Camps

Having fled persecution in Myanmar, a growing number ofwomen are at risk of harassment and attack in Bangladesh after being deserted by their husbands. In an effort to provide protection to Rohingya women in refugee camps, Bidayanodo foundation is creating a self-employment project for refugee women. This project aims to support the extremely needy and …

A Doctor Reports on Humanitarian Mission in Rohingya Camps

From Rohingya Camps, A Doctor Reports on Humanitarian Mission

The ongoing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is a catastrophic humanitarian emergency thathas claimed thousands of innocent livesand displaced more than 700,000. Those who have fled Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh live in makeshift camps withvery limited resources. Dr Taruj Aliis currently on ahumanitarian mission to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh offering medical and humanitarian relief in the refugee …

Rohingya Refugees in India Help Flood Victims - About Islam

Rohingya Refugees in India Help Flood Victims

DELHI – Experiencing the fight for life in their country, Rohingya football players of Shine Star FC at refugee camps in Delhi, India, have extended their hands to help flood victims in the south Indian state of Kerala, Anadolu Agency reported on September 3. “Though our camp is in Delhi we receive a lot of …

Rohingya Refugee Camps Flooded After Monsoon Rains

Rohingya Refugee Camps Flooded by Monsoon Rains

Life is already tough for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh; now heavy monsoon rains have worsened their living conditions. At least 28 inches of rain have fallen in Cox’sbazar since July 25. The rainfall caused at least 21 landslides, more than 200 makeshift homes have been destroyed and 200,00 Rohingya refugees are threatened by the heavy …

This Elderly Rohingya Woman Was Forced out of Her Home Three Times

This Elderly Rohingya Woman Was Forced Out of Her Home Three Times

90-year-old SheGul Zahar fled Myanmar in August 2017 after her village was burnt down.Now she lives in a makeshift shelter in Bangladesh. Gulwas forced to flee her countryin 1978 and again in 1991. This is her third time as a refugee! Rohingya Muslims have endured decades of repression in Myanmar. Four generations of Gul’s family …

Monsoon Rains Batter Rohingya Refugee Camps

Monsoon Rains Batter Rohingya Refugee Camps

200,000 Rohingya refugees remain at great risk as heavy monsoon rain heaped new misery onthe Muslim minority stuck in makeshift camps in Bangladesh. Thepersecuted groups who fled a military crackdown in Myanmar have nothing but bamboo and tarpaulin to shelter them from the heavy rains and cyclones that lash the region each year. According to …

Rohingyas Face Difficult Ramadan in Refugee Camps - About Islam

Rohingyas Face Difficult Ramadan in Refugee Camps

PALANG KHALI — As a 12-year-old Rohingya refugee, MD Hashim dreamed of Ramadan back in his own village, with fish to break the day’s fast, gifts from his family, and relaxing beneath the trees before evening prayers at the mosque. But for Hashim and thousands of Rohingya refugees now living in squalor in Bangladesh and …

Turkish Charity Continues Delivering Aid to Rohingya

Turkish Charity Continues Delivering Aid to Rohingya

Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation, or TDV — a charity with the country’s Religious Affairs Directorate — has donated humanitarian aid worth nearly $1 million to Rohingya Muslims since August 25, when the Myanmar military started a brutal campaign, according to TDV. The aid included food parcels, personal care products, clothing and tents delivered in 17 different …


Female Nobel Laureates Meet Rohingya Women in Bangladesh

Three female Nobel Peace laureates visited Bangladesh last Wednesday to meet with Rohingya Muslim women who have fled attacks by security forces in Buddhist-majority Myanmar. Shirin Ebadi from Iran, Tawakkol Karman from Yemen and Mairead Maguire from Northern Ireland were on a mission to assess the violence committed against Rohingya women and the situation of …

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