New York Mercy Bakery Feeds Starving People in Yemen

How many times have you got perplexed about what to choose for lunch? How many times you opted for a new order though you had many kinds of food in your fridge? Do you remember how many times you and your friend have argued, trying to convince him that Sushi is a better option than Burgers?

For many of us, a good variety of food is always available. For others, a loaf of freshly baked bread is a dream.

As you read these lines, people in Yemen continue to face the worst famine in 100 years.

But the good news is, you can help them!

Humanity for Relief and Development, (HRD), a New York based non-profit organization, has launched a campaign to raise funds for providing urgent food assistance to millions of families at the risk of starvation in war-torn Yemen. This would be done through Mercy Bakery project.

“Our goal is to provide at least 2,000 loaves of bread a day to families in Yemen through Mercy Bakery,” the charity said in an appeal On Launchgood.

Mercy Bakery And Mercy Kitchen

Mercy Kitchen is a charitable institution that provides approximately 400 plates of food to families in need per day.

Mercy Bakery, a sister establishment, also provides 4000 pieces of bread a day along with meals.

So far, the charity has managed to raise $18,753 for starving Yemenis, with 41 days are still left until the end of the campaign by May 29.

Donate Now

Your donation of 20$ will make 500 pieces of bread.

Your donation of 50$  makes 1200 pieces of bread.

Facts about Yemen

  • An estimated 85,000 children under the age of five have starved to death.
  • Around 14 million people – which is half of Yemen’s population – are currently at risk of famine. It could be the worst famine in 100 years.
  • 60% of the population, 18 million people, are food insecure
  • 8.4 million people do not know how they will obtain their next meal
  • 55% of the population, 16 million people, do not have regular access to safe water and basic.


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