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Daughter Donates Kidney to Save Father’s Life

Daughter Donates Kidney to Save Father’s Life

Mohammed Ismail Ashour Al-Saigh was on the verge of death after suffering a kidney failure.

For three years, Al-Saigh’s health dramatically deteriorated to the point that a life-saving kidney transplant was urgently needed to keep him alive.

Watching her father’s endless suffering, his daughter Wala sought to help him, secretly accessing his medical reports.

“I kept the reports secretly with me and went with my brothers for the medical checks in the hospital,” she said in an interview with The Saudi Gazette..

As doctors found out that Wala was a match to her father, the family quickly traveled from the northern city of Dhiba to Tabuk in northwestern Saudi Arabia for a kidney transplant operation.

Mystery revealed

Al-Saigh underwent the operation, unaware who was the anonymous donor. As he regained consciousness in the hospital, he found out that his daughter was lying in the bed next to him.

After regaining his composure it dawned on the Saudi father that the mystery donor was none other than his beloved daughter.

“It is time that we repay you for all the good things you have done for us. You have brought us up properly, built a beautiful house for us and guarded us with your life,” Wala told her father.

Watching tears coming out of the eyes of her grateful father,  she added: “I am extremely happy that my kidney suited my father and that I have donated it to him.”

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