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Marry a Non-Muslim

Daughter Left Home to Marry a Non-Muslim

In this counseling answer: •Continue to try and contact her and express your concern. Whilst what she is doing is concerning, do also be careful to approach it very carefully and sensitively also so as not to push her further away. •Let her know that you will always be there for her so that she …

dyslexia, boy

How to Help My Child With Dyslexia?

In this counseling answer: •You have to encourage him in a positive and constructive way and not to push or force him. •Have patience when he fails to get a message or learn the words. He will, insha’ Allah, in time. •Do not raise your voice, slap, or call him names. • Let him draw …


School Homework Could Be Effortless!!

The traditional scene in manyhomes is the daily quarrel and nagging about completing the child’s homework. Mothers complain all the time about how they spend hours of their precious lifetime tryingto reinforce their children to complete their assignments. The mothers’ sacrifice could reach the extent of not going out nor doing any personal requirement just …

What to Do If My Teen Is Thinking About Suicide?

What to Do If My Teen Is Thinking About Suicide?

In this counseling answer: •Please do evaluate your teen. Ask your teen to describe what he/she is feeling, are they depressed, how long has this been going on (thoughts of suicide), if there has been any trauma to cause this and ask how can you help. •Ask your teen the following: If he/she has a …

My Mom Doesn't Love Me, Help! - About Islam

My Mom Doesn't Love Me, Help!

In this counseling answer: •Sister, your mom does loveyou-verymuch. She is just trying to keep you close the only way she knows how-which was probably taught to her by her mom. Her mom maybe treated her, as she treats you. •She does not hate you, she just wants you to be the best you can …

My Son Is Very Attached to His Mother - About Islam

My Son Is Very Attached to His Mother

In this counseling answer: •First, Omar needs your understanding and time. By this, I do not mean the length of time but the quality of the time you are giving him, like reading, playing, and outings to fill his time and develop his personality. •Second, Omar now needs to go to a nursery school. He …

How to Protect My Daughter From In-Laws' Bad Influence? - About Islam

How to Protect My Daughter From In-Laws' Bad Influence?

In this counseling answer: •A child, who is nurtured amidst faith and with that faith, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual love, and mutual compassion, will naturally develop a sense of belonging as well as a sense of self. •If your daughter was not exposed to your sister-in-law’s smoking, she would not be exposed to the …

Son Blames Me for Everything All the Time

Son Blames Me for Everything All the Time

In this counseling answer: •He needs to learn to take responsibility for his behavior and not blame it on others. You can help him with this by taking each incident as it occurs and spend time with him working on it. •You can do this by discussing openly, and even writing down or drawing a …

Toddler Hits Himself

My Toddler Hits Himself When He Gets Upset

In this counseling answer: •Investigate his environment, who he is with, the friends he is playing with as well as any family dynamics which could be influencing him. •You may also want to check out any TV he may be watching. Especially cartoons which are oddly violent at times. •As 3-year-olds cannot control their emotions …

talks to his toys

My Child Talks to His Toys, Is This Normal?

In this counseling answer: •What your son is doing is normal. It is called “modeling”. •Your son is probably very bright as he is able to use his imagination, creativity, and real-life experiences to keep himself occupied. •As long as your son has friends that he talks to, is expressive at home and is not …

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