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Canadian Muslims Raise Funds to Educate Orphans – Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi is joining a fundraising event in the Canadian city of Toronto on November 24.

The event, themed “Orphan Education Fundraising Tour” is organized by Canadian NGO Human Concern International in partnership with the Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community.

The proceeds from the fundraising event will be used to benefit an education project for orphans in Bangladesh.

The Pakistani-American scholar, who written numerous books and lectured widely on Islam and contemporary Muslim issues will be speaking on the topic “Islam in the 21st Century: A Path Forward”.

Canadian Muslims Raise Funds to Educate Orphans - Sheikh Yasir Qadhi - About Islam

The Organizers

According to its website, HCI is an NGO dedicated to helping alleviate human suffering through sustainable development projects and emergency relief assistance programs that foster self-reliance and preserves human dignity.

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The Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community’s objective is to sustain and promote the religious, cultural and social values and traditions of the Bangladeshi Muslims in Canada by involving Canadian Bangladeshi youth who are born and/or raised in Canada; to enable them to think through their identity trajectory; to establish an identity that is multifaceted, Islamic, Canadian and Bangladeshi in order to become proud Canadian of Islamic faith. Their website states.

It also aims at promoting greater understanding, mutual respect, tolerance and cooperation amongst Canadians of diverse religious, cultural, social and multi-faith groups in Canada.

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