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vermont mosque

Faiths Unite to Support New Vermont Mosque

An Islamic center’s effort to expand has received support from their neighboring synagogue, helping them raise the required funds, MyNBC5 reported. “The mosques and the synagogues are under the same attacks. So, we’re happy to be right next to each other,” the Islamic Center of Vermont imam Islam Hassan said. “We’ve got each other’s back …

Yemenis Are Starving, Would You Help Feed Them?

Yemenis Are Starving, Would You Help Feed Them?

Yemen, the second-largest Arab state and poorest country in the Middle East, is currentlyfacing one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. Its people are in desperate need of clean water, food, clothing andessential medical aid after fleeing their homes to avoid getting caught up in the violent conflict. Families are forced to choose …

Canadian Muslims Raise Funds to Educate Orphans - Sheikh Yasir Qadhi - About Islam

Canadian Muslims Raise Funds to Educate Orphans - Sheikh Yasir Qadhi

Prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Yasir Qadhi is joininga fundraisingevent in the Canadian city of Toronto on November 24. The event, themed “Orphan Education Fundraising Tour” is organized by Canadian NGO Human Concern International in partnership with the Canada Bangladesh Muslim Community. The proceeds from the fundraising event will be used to benefit an education project …

Muslims Unite for Toronto Shooting Victims - About Islam

Muslims Unite for Toronto Shooting Victims

TORONTO – Canadian Muslim charities have launched a crowdfunding campaign on to raise funds for the shooting victims and their families. “We are deeply saddened to mourn the loss of lives. Our condolences are with the victims and all those affected by this senseless shooting,” Dawanet and Islamic Relief Canada stated. “Let us maintain …

Muslims Extend Hands this Ramadan to Provide Water for Gaza

Muslims Extend Hands to Provide Clean Water for Gaza

This Ramadan, Muslim groups are raising funds to help provide safe drinking waterfor thousands of people in Gazawhich has been under blockade for more than a decade. Ilmfeed and British charity, Muslim Aid are raising funds in order to provide 51 solar-powered water purification stations across Gaza. 96% of water in Gaza is unsafe to …

Ramadan challenge 2018

Ramadan Challenge 2018 with Launch Good - Join Now

In addition to being a month of fasting, Ramadan is a time of giving and charity for Muslims around the world. Last Ramadan, Launchgood, the largest faith rooted crowdfunding platform in the world, raised nearly $2 million during their annual Ramadan Challenge- helping 400+ campaigns! It’s back now for Ramadan 2018! Join thousands across the …

Canadian Muslim Campaigns to Help Persecuted Rohingya in Myanmar

Rohingya-Canadian Muslim Campaigns to Help Persecuted Minority

In an effort to alleviate the suffering of her persecuted minority in Myanmar, a Rohingya refugee in Canada is championing a fundraising campaign to help Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhist-majority country. Based in Vancouver, Yasmine Ullah is part of a Rohingya women-led initiative, spearheaded by her mother, aimed at crowdfunding to help Rohingya Muslims still …

Canadians supporting the Rohingya

What Canadian Muslims Can Do to Support the Rohingya

Muslim Canadians are rallying across the country to support the Rohingya in Myanmar/Burma and Rohingya refugees who have fled to Bangladesh. Here is a number of events and initiatives in Canada that you can support if you want to show solidarity with the Rohingya people. Attend Rallies in Solidarity with the Rohingya There are rallies …


Best Charity Campaigns Where You Can Pay Sadaqah & Zakat

During Ramadan, Muslims around the world hurry up to engage in charity and giving and increase the good deedsto grasp the blessings of this holy month. In 2016, Muslim Charities Forum estimated that British Muslims gave approximately £100 million to charitable causes during the month of Ramadan. Muslims 4 Humanity page connects you witha selection …

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