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How to Find a Wife

In this video, sister Naaila suggests the following tips to those who are looking for a spouse:

Let people know that you are looking for a wife.

Let those people who have a good character, whom you are looking up to, that you are looking for get married. They might know someone.

Don’t close any doors. Give opportunity for everything.

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About Naaila Moumaris-Clay
Naa'ila Clay, the wife of the husband-wife counseling duo "That Clay Couple", holds firm to the belief that Islam, clinical interventions, old-fashioned wit & wisdom will get the relief for your head & your heart in relationships. Mrs. Clay has a slew of training, certifications, created marriage & premarital courses, co-authored 2 e-books and has an M.S. in Mental Health Counseling. You can contact her: or