Pearls of Islam Releases New Nasheed Album

Love Is My Foundation (Review)

If this is the first you’ve heard of The Pearls of Islam, then you are among the fortunate who have not been waiting up to ten years for the duo to put out a full-length album. For the rest of us, the album released just this Friday February 1, 2019 is totally worth the wait.

“Love is My Foundation” is flawless, masha Allah. The acoustic group has come through with ten clean, lively, melodic and enrapturing tracks. The songs are a smoothly blended collection in their signature style of singing in both English and traditional Arabic Qasaaid, performing on djembe, darbouka,and guitar, a light with notes of their Caribbean roots.

The album sets the tone with the opening song “Beat of My Heart,” in which the sisters/best friends dhikr:

Allah Allahu,
Allah Allah
Allah Allahu,
Allah Allah…

Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem
Ya Salam, Ya Wadud
Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem
Ya Salam, Ya Wadud…

Ya Allah, shower us with your mercy,
your kindness and your peace and your love.
Ya Allah, shower us with your mercy,
your kindness and your peace and your love.
And can you, can you hear the beat of my heart
as it praises the names of Allah, of Allah?
And listen to the swinging of the trees
as they whisper his name, so sweetly
Oh so sweetly…
“Beat of My Heart” Love Is My Foundation (2019)



Pearls of Islam Releases New Nasheed Album - About Islam
Put in the mood for remembrance of Allah, the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the beauty of our deen, the album continues to build momentum,  with my favorite tracks being the emotional “Mercy” and the ode to Muhammad (pbuh) “Oh Light of My Eyes,” though the more I listen to the recording, the more I love the whole thing.

Blissfully listening to the tracks all week, I firmly feel The Pearls’ thoughtful and remembrance-provoking beats placed deep inside my heart. Love Is My Foundation is a soultrack.

The Pearls of Islam are sisters and best friends. Sakinah and Rabiah have been performing together for 15+ years. They also teach drumming, are youth advocates and involved in numerous environmental and social programs.

Oh light of my eyes
how you shine so bright.
Leading me through
the dark, dark night.
You make me breathe
when I can’t survive.
You place a beat
deep inside my heart.
Deep inside my heart.

“Oh Light of My Eyes” Love Is My Foundation (2019)


Pearls of Islam’s full length recording Love Is My Foundation (and individual tracks) is available through Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. The disk is also available directly from their website.