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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas….But So What?

Since moving to Canada, I have noticed many Muslims showing signs of panic and having concerns whenever we get to Christmas time, and it’s mainly all about their children.

They worry about schools’ influence on their children and how they will handle that, especially when there are activities at schools or sporting clubs associated with Christmas.

I always wonder, why worry at all? There really is no need at all!

Talk To Your Children

The simplest thing to do is to talk to your children in a way they will understand.

Our kids are influenced by so much these days, and they need our guidance and advice on many issues.

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It is only natural that they are going to be curious about Christmas if they are surrounded by their school friends who talk about Santa Claus or even the religious part of the season.

They might ask you about Santa and why Santa might not bring them any presents. There is no reason to panic.

Anyone can look on the internet and find the real story about Santa Claus and how this ancient figure has become the cultural figure he is today. The story has a deep meaning behind it.

As parents, we can use this to our advantage. We can use this story to teach our own children about the importance of giving and what Islam says about it.

One piece of advice, though, is to make sure your children don’t tell other children that Santa doesn’t exist. Many non-Muslim children believe in Santa, and it is not our place to spoil that.

It is up to their parents to tell them about Santa when they feel it is right.

Our children might ask why we don’t have a Christmas tree, lights, or presents.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas….But So What? - About Islam

In this respect, we can remind them about Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, and Eid al-Adha.

We can also make the effort to decorate our homes during Ramadan so that our children can feel the beauty of it.

When they see beautiful lights and decorations at Christmas, they are naturally going to be fascinated by them.

Let’s face it, when we as adults see the beautiful lights at Christmas, don’t we also get mesmerized by that?

So it is natural our children will be. We can make them just as excited about our own religious feasts by adding our own touch to them.

Use the Time to Educate People about the Islamic View of Jesus

This is the perfect time to explain to our children and anybody else who asks us about the Islamic view of Jesus (PBUH).

It is essential that our children understand how revered Jesus is in Islam and what Allah says about him.

It is essential that they understand how important Maryam (RA) is and what the Qur’an says about her.

After all, the Quran states that she has been chosen above all other women.

“When the angels said, ‘O Maryam, verily Allah has chosen and purified you and chosen you over the women of all the worlds.” (Quran 3:42).

The story of the birth of Jesus (PBUH) in Islam is somehow similar to the Christian version.

Of course, there are differences, and we should point these out to our children.

However, we can also show how both Muslims and Christians love Jesus (PBUH) and Mary.

We can also tell this to our non-Muslim friends and colleagues. By doing so, we are building bridges and tolerance.

We may not celebrate Christmas, but there are so many common elements between the two faiths.

Use the Holiday Season as a Gift of Giving

If you are living in the West, you will hear that the holiday season is the time for giving.

Many people are very generous at this time towards charities and those in need.

We may not celebrate Christmas, but there is nothing to stop us from giving the gift of giving!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas….But So What? - About Islam

This is a great chance to let our children see what we can do at this time of the year for good.

Last year, a friend and I collected so many different items of clothing and self-care necessities that the homeless need.

We then gifted them to shelters. We also took our children on the shopping trip and explained why we were doing it.

Of course, we should be giving as much as we can all year round.

However, this time of the year is a great opportunity to do something like this.

The children usually have a winter break from school, so they are free. You can get them involved by seeing what local organizations need at this time of year to help those in need and participating.

This is a great thing to do because you will not be participating in the religious side of Christmas; however, you will be sharing in the giving spirit that the season often brings.

There are many people struggling in the world today, and this is a perfect time to show your children how the message of the holiday season can be a part of their lives.

It doesn’t have to be anything big if you can’t afford it.

It can be something as simple as checking on elderly neighbors to make sure they are OK or running errands for them.

The beautiful message at Christmas time doesn’t have to be a religious one. We do not need to panic over this time of the year.

We can use one of the most important messages of the occasion, which is generosity and kindness, and we can teach this to our children and make sure they understand that these two values are very much embedded in Islam.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but do not worry! Get involved in the goodwill spirit and teach your children how an act of kindness can spread a lot of joy into many people’s lives.

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