3 Ways to Fight Against Eating Disorder

21 October, 2020
Q I’ve been struggling with how to have the right eating habits that best suit me and my body, but I always either end up binge eating, or eating too much. I’ve been trying to deal with this problem for years now because I don’t want my body to grow in an unhealthy way.

I try eating healthy but I can’t get myself to eat the right amount of food. I always end up overeating sometimes I don’t eat at all to prevent that from happening. I sometimes even gain weight from this and it stresses me out.

I feel ashamed that as a Muslim, I can’t control my eating habits and I am unable to treat my body, that Allah has entrusted me with, in a proper way nor am I able to follow the prophets (pbuh) ways of eating. I can’t exactly talk to my family about this because last time I tried to, they began telling me that I’m being unreasonable and this isn’t a problem, it was very uncomfortable and I don’t want to do that again.

Is there any kind of Aya or duah I could recite to help me control myself? (Keeping in mind that I’ve tried making duahs during prayers for this countless times, and I always try doing tasabih and salat al nabi whenever I feel like I might overeat, but I end up overeating anyway.)

Thank you for going out of your way to help. I’ve already eliminated candy, chips, sodas, and many other unhealthy foods from my diet and I fast every Monday and Thursday.

I’ve been exercising, playing sports, stretching and working out regularly, I also have a very tight schedule where I go to school at around 7 am and return around 5-7pm depending on what day it is.

I end up getting too exhausted and distressed during my time out so I eat too much to make up for it. I’m about to turn 17 and I want to take care of this problem before I grow up. I’m not exactly “fat” but I’m probably chubbier than my siblings who eat a lot of junk and don’t exercise. (Although I actually eat a lot of different food in small portions and I make sure to watch my calories, but somehow I still end up gaining weight sometimes.)


In this video, you will learn:

– How to reduce the stress you feel about your body Image?

– The steps to take in order to create a healthy lifestyle.


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