Why Do My Enemies Always Win Over Me?

24 July, 2021
Q Assalamu Alaikum,

The days I can recall from my childhood till now, despite of being righteous and unharmed to anyone, people become my enemy quite easily. They harm me in a way, which I never imagined, and they are those who were the closest to me.

This situation is the most common one in my life, so much that nowadays I become used to it. What disturbed me last month was my recent job. I had to resign because of being the victim of propaganda created against me by a person holding a higher-level authority. It was the first job of my life, and by the grace of Allah, I had cleared the interview and accepted in the organization with a grand welcome. Trust me; she was creating propaganda against me right from the day of the interview.

After joining, by the mercy and help of Allah, I had emerged as the most eligible employee and person with outstanding service towards the organization. Simply, I became a nightmare for her existence in that organization and because of my potential, her drawbacks begun to be exposed which she had been successfully hiding under a veil of falsehood since the day she had joined.

I became popular day by day. Well, nothing was under my control. Everything happened by the Will of Allah. I didn't pursue my duties to defame or expose anyone.

I, however, remained professional all the time until I left the place, but she has never been professional never. Under a complete mess of manipulation of information about me and the misunderstandings she created between the boss, and me I had to leave.

Later I came to know that whoever more eligible and smarter than her join that organization, she would always plan this sort of propaganda against them and kicked them out of the organization. It was nice working there and it is not easy to get a job.

Why do these people with so much hatred, jealousy, insecurity, and dirt in their hearts win always? This was not my first experience despite being righteous and kind to anyone.

I also needed that job. Now I am sitting at home doing nothing the whole day.


Salam Aleikom,

In this counseling video, you will learn:

• Trust Allah has a plan and puts you in situations for a good reason.

• Look at the situation from a positive side and think about what it teaches you, what benefits it brings into your life. List them!

• Use it as a reminder and something

• Use your time for your own benefit and also to get closer to Allah.

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