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Why Do I Dream of My Married Teacher?



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Jan 06, 2018


As-Salamu Alaikom. One year ago, I started working in an office where there was a very religious Muslim man who used to teach me. He was really kind and caring. Before my contract was finished, he left the office, so I added him on Facebook as my teacher. Later, I got to know that he liked me. I thought this was a sin in Islam so I deleted him from my Facebook immediately. Last night, I had a dream of him in which he first had white beard but after that he was fully shaved. I asked him why he shaved his beard as it was not good. Then, silently he went somewhere by car and brought me a golden ring and gave it to me, but as my hands were wet I couldn’t wear it. However, I wanted to keep it in a plastic bad. Then I woke up from the dream at the time of the Morning Prayer. Can you please tell me what this dream means and why I dreamed of him although he is married?



Why Do I Dream of My Married Teacher?


Wa ‘Alaykum As-Salam,

We are in the realm of dreams, so I will first respond to the analysis of your dream. Your dream has so many symbols; therefore it will be a long answer.

Remember that this small world of physicality we experience while dancing on this earth only reflects to us 1% of reality; 99% of reality is understood through more “awakened” states. This world of Earth is mostly an illusion and our Earth experiences are merely the result of our perceptions filtered through the five earthly senses. There are many “worlds” which are endless, and our dream “world” is certainly a very important world where we get clarity for our life path. In other words, our dreams often reflect back to us our subconscious thoughts and issues that we are working out. Often, our dreams help us to become clear and to make the right decision about something we are unconsciously concerned about. We have a collective unconscious shared by the whole of the human psyche and within it is the language of symbols. Your individualized psyche will pull from these symbols and use them as a language to communicate to your conscious awareness what you need to know.

Keeping this in mind, as a psychoanalyst, I can facilitate your process in uncovering the possible symbolic meanings given that most of the symbols we have in our dreams share similar meanings across the collective unconscious. When we put those universal meanings in context with our current situation or inner issue/conflict that we are trying to resolve, we might understand our own self better.

With that said, I cannot actually interpret your dream from an Islamic perspective, but I can share with you some possible associations. You can then decide for yourself if it seems true for you and contemplate this. Eventually, you will be able to interpret your dream for yourself in a more accurate manner. This is the process of unraveling what we already know inside ourselves, and/or the process of coming to terms with what is and following through with appropriate and responsible responses and actions.

Consider these possibilities as you contemplate the meaning of your dream: Dreaming of a ring usually symbolizes something very good and happy; bliss. This may symbolize the feelings that this man has for you. That the ring was gold means that this man wants to make you happy, or you are moving into a phase of life where you will be finding happiness. The man, or the powers of Allah, wants to give you everything, including himself; he wants the best for your physical well-being, your mental and emotional health, and your spiritual growth. In other words, either you are aware that the actual real life man is feeling an attachment toward you, or his face in your dream symbolizes that Allah has some good things waiting for you. The ring may also symbolize the real life man’s desire to bind you to him.

The white beard symbolizes purity and wisdom and protective feelings that this man has for you, or the protective power and infinite wisdom of Allah; or such purity and wisdom being given to you. That he shaved his beard represents that he wants to be authentic and is revealing his true self and intentions to you, or you are becoming aware of your own authenticity and intentions, or something is becoming clearer to you. It could even mean that you are getting a better idea of where your career is going. There are the “man’s” desires, which may actually represent your own desire to express yourself in an authentic and pure manner. Often, dreams use the face of someone when in reality it is an aspect of your own self. You will know if you are actually resolving the emotional issue of knowing that this man has some kind of desire to be with you, your feelings of gratitude you have for him as a teacher and the resulting confusion that such a situation can create, or if you are getting in tune with actual growth within your own self. In this case, the man could be symbolizing an action oriented part of you.

That the ring is gold and that this man, as an aspect of your own self, is giving you a gold ring may means that you are receiving clarity and light and higher awareness; he (the man that is an aspect of your own self) is trying to give you some kind of diving truth. Indeed, it could also mean that the man in reality wants to give this to you, or the fact that he was a teacher is symbolizing a stage in your life where you are reviving this higher level of awareness and knowledge.

We can be startled when we have such dreams and take them literally; however, dreams are rarely literal and usually reveal something within our own self. If you consider what is happening in your internal life, you might find the dream is not about this man in real earth life at all, but more about you and your own inner processes as you are growing in wisdom and knowledge. It is possible that you are putting the face of the man in your dream, and you are being given some kind of spiritual revelation; or you are experiencing a premonition/guidance about your relationship with the man you are speaking of. In that case, you are in touch with the fact that you should contain the situation and not act on it. This is evidenced by the fact that you put the ring in a plastic bad, and not on your finger. You did not bind yourself to the man, but rather you are managing the situation.

This dream also contains the element of relationship. I say this because your hand was so prominent in the dream and dreaming about one’s hand is usually symbolic of relationship. That your hands were wet is symbolic that you are overcome with emotion. You may also be experiencing spiritual rebirth, a new spiritual awareness, or renewal.

That you put the ring inside a plastic bag symbolizes that you are carrying this with you; it is your “burden” and you are trying to take responsibility for a positive outcome by containing these emotions and/or sexual feelings.

My recommendation is that you focus on how you are growing in this stage of life, opening up to increasing knowledge, wisdom and transformation. Develop a relationship with your higher self while remaining pious and not making yourself available to the actual man. Even if you are working through the emotions of turning down an opportunity for connection with the actual man in real life, you must ask yourself what he actually represents to you. He crossed your life path during a time of growth and of increasing knowledge and wisdom. So, this is what he represented to you in real life, and that is why you are dreaming about him as you integrate this aspect of your life and experience into your own self. As your contract with this job is completed, you will be transforming into a new world, life and work. You will take your increase in wisdom, knowledge, insight and awareness with you. You will take the appropriate life lessons that this man in real life facilitated in you while rejecting the misguided idea of actually connecting to the man, who is married, which would be inappropriate. So, keep the good that you received with integrity; these are good gifts and the man is happy to have given these to you. But do not interpret this dream to mean that you should make yourself available for an actual relationship with the real physical man.

It is good that you are aware of what is happening inside you and of the profound connection that you have with this man as teacher. Dreaming makes a person aware of one’s own situation. The connection that you have with this man is not evil. You were provided with much knowledge and wisdom that you will bring to your own life and to your work. Your dream is helping you get that in perspective. No one purposefully made that happen. It does not mean that you will act inappropriately as, indeed, you put your emotions in a safe place and you are managing them and containing them.

As far as what might unfold in the future, let Allah unfold your destiny. You will be moving on to a whole new world as your contract ends and you move forward with your career. You have been blessed with the gifts that this man imparted to you, his caring and wisdom will be with you. Keep yourself safe by following the laws of protection and keeping yourself in the highest level of integrity and purity. If you follow the laws of purity and realize that either way the idea of a teacher imparting wisdom and knowledge is the actual gift, through the passage of time, things will unfold according to divine order.

So, let me reiterate that my recommendation is to refrain from making yourself available to this man, to follow the laws of purity, and to watch your own life unfold. Over time, you will likely see how the true gifts of growth, knowledge and wisdom which have been imparted to you and these will be integrated within you and will empower you in your life’s work. I can only offer generalizations for you to ponder, and you will know what actually “rings” true for you.



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