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Husband Prohibits Me from Seeing My Sister



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Feb 26, 2019



I am completely torn and heart-broken. I have a sister and a nephew. My sister recently divorced her gambling addict abusive husband and he has harassed and stalked her for over a year. He is an aggressive, spiteful man. She took him back for years, but it became too much.

Now I am the only one she has, and recently my husband saw a video that her ex-husband showed him with her meeting another man. It has been more than a year. While I am upset, I also believe after all the physical and mental abuse she suffered she has the right to move on.

She is living on the bare minimum and paying off his debts and providing for their son. This made my husband mad and he refuses to let me see her anymore. It made me really depressed. I have two small children who love their aunt and should not be blocked from her life. Even if we don’t agree with everything she is my best friend and I miss her.

What should I do? It is causing hardships in my marriage because he says I will get over it but I can’t.



Husband Prohibits Me from Seeing My Sister

In this counseling video, you will learn:

Spying and videotaping others is morally and Islamically unacceptable.

A divorced woman needs to be supported.

Involve a third party to discuss problems.

Communicate in a kind manner but stand up for your sister.

Ask Allah to help you.

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