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Husband Has Destroyed My Life; I Struggle with My Faith



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May 16, 2019


I am an American revert for 8 years. I found such beauty and peace in Islam. My soul had such peace. I married a born Muslim from Algeria and brought him here on k1 visa. I wanted a husband to share my life and teach me. He told me he would love me forever and we meet in Jannah.

We have been married for 6 years and he has destroyed my life. He cheated on me from day one and is now in another city with another woman for a week now. Since meeting him, I have moved away from Islam. He will not divorce me but will not stay with me. I have prayed and prayed for guidance, I have prayed to help my husband, I have prayed for strength in my faith.

I am ashamed to say I feel as if Allah is punishing me, ignoring me. Please understand I say no bad for Allah, I just feel he is not listening to me. 2 days ago I tried to commit suicide and it scared me to my core. After that experience I know I want to live, but how do I get back to my true love of Islam. How do I get back to feeling the love and peace I once felt for Islam?



Husband Has Destroyed My Life; I Struggle with My Faith

In this counseling answer, you will learn:

You have rights in your marriage. If your husband is not the man who will take care of them, then you have received the answer for your prayers.

You are worth; strengthen this idea in you. Believe it.

Don’t let others control your life.

Separate your husband from Allah. Allah puts you in this test for a reason for you to learn. Everything Allah gives is for your benefit, even if you do not get it.

Have someone help you who reminds you who you are and who empowers you.

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