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How to Make My Kids Enjoy Reading?

15 June, 2022
Q I just wanted to ask about what you look for when buying books for Muslim children. For me, a lot of books bore me when I read them to my kids. I think books should teach Islamic knowledge, but at the same time should be interesting as well! JazakAllah kahyran.


As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, 

I’m not so sure the books themselves matter, actually, because kids like to use their own imagination, and they feed off the person reading. You should try and MAKE the book exciting by adding your own information, funny voices, sound effects, questions, etc.

My daughter has some very simple children’s books that on the surface are pretty plain, so my wife and I like to improvise to make them more interesting. It’s more about a means to interact and educate children, I think, rather than just reading the book straight away.

If you’re bored reading the book, then your child is going to be bored listening to it. So, make it fun and educational for them!

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