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`Abd al Hadi or, Al Hadi?


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Apr 21, 2017


As salamu 'alaykum. Is the name Hadi Ahmed acceptable? Is Hadi Allah's name? Can we use Hadi without `abdul? Please correct me. It's urgent. Please pray for my new baby. Salam



As-salamu `alaikum sister,

Al Hadi is one of the 99 names of Allah (SWT), which means Guide, for He is the Guide of all. It is more acceptable to use the name Abd al Hadi, in this way it is clear that you are a servant of the Guide of Humanity, and not “the guide” himself, as the meaning of `abd al Hadi is servant of the guide.

No one can be called by a divine attribute, for example, dropping `abd from `abd ul Haqq to leave the divine attribute “Haqq”.


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