Two Questions About What Breaks The Fast in Ramadan

10 May, 2020
Q If I have broken my fast on purpose, without an excuse, can I repent and then go back to fasting after that? Also does inhaling other than air, specifically when cooking with steam coming up, does this break the fast?


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Shaykh Faraz Rabbani from SeekersHub addresses these question in the videos below:

Should I Continue Fasting if I Break My Fast Deliberately?


Yes. So, if one breaks one’s fast whether by accident or deliberately in a moment of weakness. You decide to eat the jalebi deliberately, right? Deliberately. It’s sinful and, you know, there may be expiation due which you can find out the fiqh.

But unless you broke your fast for an excuse like you’re unwell or something like that. If you, if you’re fast was broken deliberately or by accident then it is, you’re expected to refrain from what a fasting person refrains from for the rest of the day.

And that’s an expression of remorse. Of course, if you broke your fast because you’re not able to fast and that’s different.

Does Inhaling Steam Break My Fast?


It’s not inhaling smell that breaks a fast, right? It is inhaling the actual steam, directly, itself. That’s when you inhale it directly not just when it scatters, right?

So, the actual steam itself, if you breathe that in directly, when avoidable when you’re aware that you’re fasting, right? But you’re cooking and you know you kinda have to be there.

So, you know, you just breathe normally but avoid just, you know, deliberately doing it. And they’re a lot of that is excusable because from the inevitability of cooking. And there’s dispensation.

And some schools [say] that doesn’t break the fast. So, don’t worry about the fast.

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