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How Can I Find Help in Desperation? (Part 2)

11 January, 2017
Q Salam, I am very poor having a large family. Mother has died and father is very aged. I am married having 4 kids. 2 are needing operations. I am a primary teacher and also under loan. What I do? My salary is not sufficient even for living then how I pay loans and do my kids operations. As a Muslim, I request you to do something for me and my family. This will be a great Ehsan of you on my family and Allah will give you its reward. And insha Allah it must be Jannat-ul-firdwas, Amen. You don't know my difficulties and troubles but Allah is my witness on my condition. It depends on your sincerity. Brother, I contacted a lot of Muslims but they are doubtful about me. I offer each to inquire about me, but even they refuse. Please, for Allah's happiness and as a brother reply me and don't ignore me from your sincerity. Wassalam.


Asalamu Alaikum Aziz,

Please find the second and final part of the answer to your question below. Find the first part at the link here.

Practical Tips

Please try the following suggestions. Believe me, they might help. They have helped others before.

You need to sit down alone somewhere away from your family and problems. Take an hour or two or even more and think deeply.

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How and where did the whole thing start? Is it as simple as a small salary and an expensive life?

Ask yourself if you are trying to develop yourself and your career by any means. Ask yourself if you are spending portions of your money on things that are not priorities.

Ask yourself, honestly, a hard but important question: is the very little money I get lawful and pure in the first place?

A Muslim, my brother, is supposed to be a person who submits peacefully and willingly to his Creator. Accordingly, he is to face all of life’s problems peacefully and contently.

Yet, this never means that he is to surrender to negative circumstances. On the contrary, he is supposed to be positive and do his best to create positive change. He should not ever accept humiliation and should always be strong.

Just as your name; Aziz, a Muslim should be aziz (dignified) because he or she is the servant of Al-Aziz (Allah- the Most Dignified). Have you ever thought about the meaning of your name, brother?

Do you know that in Arabic it indicates dignity and self-respect?

So, a Muslim should try not to beg others for money, but should always try to make money. When he does his best, yet fails, he is to be still grateful to Allah and content. He should stay patient and never give up.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him-PBUH) has informed us about some ways to increase our income, in addition to hard work and proper planning.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has always recommended that we keep asking God for His forgiveness. Istighfar, which is asking God for His forgiveness, is key for solving our ordeals and increasing our financial wealth as well.

Seeking God’s forgiveness is a continuous reminder of how weak we are due to our sins and how needy we are of God.

He is the One Who provides forgiveness; and with it, He provides all our needs. He is Most capable of providing materialistic wealth and resolution to all our problems.

Additionally, we need to be accurate about the source of our income. Even if the income is very small, we still have to be very sure that every penny is lawful and pure. Why would God respond to His servant if he is daring to consume what is not his, even if it is as small as a drop of sand?

When one is careless about the purity of his income, this is again an expression of his lack of sincerity. Stealing is not the only source of impure income. Not fulfilling the work for which I am paid is also a source of impure money, even when the amount of money I receive seems to be much less than the effort.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned that God loves when someone does any errand, and he excels in fulfilling this errand. This is where lawful and pure money comes from.

When our money is pure and lawful, and when we are patient and content with God’s provision, even if it seems to be little, our money is blessed and somehow is enough in fulfilling our needs.

Many of the rich are never satisfied with the money they have. It is not fulfilling and they are always eager to get more and more. This indicates that their money is not blessed by sincerity and purity, but they do not know it.

Others, who are much poorer, are many a times satisfied and their very little income somehow is sufficient to cover their needs. It is sincerity of their hearts when they work honestly for money and purity of their income.

Brother, you might need to exert more effort in your prayers and on your yaqeen (sound belief). Remain calm and seek refuge in God. Pray to Him, with a believing heart that He is there listening to your prayers. Wake up in the middle of the night and pray through the night.

Ask Him to help you get closer and to solve your ordeal. Be as persistent as a child who persists at his mother’s door.

God is there for you and He will respond. Just be patient, sincere, and strong in your belief.

I hope this helps. Please keep in touch.

Walaikum Asalam.

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