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Letting Go (Poem)

She thought about what she saw in him.

When she accepted him, was she dreaming?

He thought about the same about her.

Was she just faking it altogether?


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Had they played their parts too well? 

Did they make avenue for Paradise or hell?

Who betrayed who? 

They were two, so they knew.

Now, finally they are walking away.

It’s better than to be together yet astray.

They were once strangers. 

Now, they are back being so to each other.


There is no guarantee here.

Life is short-lived and death is always near.

No one and nothing remains for too long.

Accounts will only be about right and wrong.


Whoever did good and bad,

Both may have gone moments that’s hard.

Forgiveness is to be sought.

To Allah their case will be brought.

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About Umm Asiyah
I reverted to Islam in 2014. Alhamdulillah. It hasn't been the same since. And I had started to do poetry in relation to my Islamic journey.