Alone in Ramadan (Poem)

Where is everyone?

While I am alone in Ramadan.

In a foreign country without anybody,

Allah must have sent away everybody.


Eating pre-dawn meal alone,

There isn’t a family around home.

Breaking the fast is the same,

Like it’s an isolation game.

Alone in Ramadan (Poem) - About Islam

The beauty of it is it’s just Allah and me,

My heart and soul is His entirely.

Sometimes it’s only the thoughts that bugs,

This is a Muslim country and there isn’t even a sisterly hug.


This world has taken so much of us,

To not check on others and what may cause them a fuss.

To invite them over in this holy month,

To initiate kindness up front.


Let us pray for one another,

That we safely overcome dunya altogether.

To constantly check our Muslim neighbors around,

To show some care and be sure nobody ever feels downed.


And remember to be kind consistently,

Everyday of our lives it must be.

During Ramadan is an opportunity,

To start acting upon it and be rewarded greatly.

Alone in Ramadan (Poem) - About Islam

About Umm Asiyah
I reverted to Islam in 2014. Alhamdulillah. It hasn't been the same since. And I had started to do poetry in relation to my Islamic journey.