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Aishah is a medical doctor, weight loss coach and personal trainer. She has a keen interest in promoting a healthier lifestyle for Muslim women and blogs regularly on health, fitness and personal development. Aishah provides as unique service, both online and face-to-face , offering fitness coaching to Muslim women all over the world. Visit her blog here ( and follow on social media: instagram and twitter (@grainsandgains)

Author Articles

4 Ways to Find a Hobby You Love

Finding an activity you can take part in once or twice a week, or however often is feasible for you, that is purely something you enjoy doing and want to be part of is key to breaking boredom. As a child, many of us have hobbies. However, as adult life takes over…


5 Ways to Achieve Happiness

Some may ask “why do we struggle to find this happiness?” It is all about our mindset. If we deem happiness to be in the form of material goods or within only particular situations, we will always be waiting to find it. We will never feel we have enough. There is always another cell phone that is better than yours.


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