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Saudi Airports Adopt Operation Plan for Hajj

Saudi Airport Adopts Operation Plan for Hajj 2018

JEDDAH – King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, KSA, is preparing its operational plans for the coming Hajj season in August 2018. Around 2.98 million Hajj pilgrims from all over the globe are expected to arrive and depart through the airport. Arab news reported on July 9. “The past Umrah season was successful with more …

Time: A Blessing and a Trust

Do You Put Your Time to Good Use?

{It is He who made the sun a shining radiance and the moon a light, determining phases for it so that you might know the number of years and how to calculate time. Allah did not create all these without a true purpose; He explains His signs to those who understand. In the succession of …

Life Makes Us Forget to Live

This Life Makes Us Forget to Live!

We do not find time for ourselves or our hobbies, because we are there earning a living and trying to make more money. And yet we are depressed, sad, and cranky. Is this the life we want? In our race to make a great life, we have failed to appreciate the greatness of what we already have.

Ramadan is Around... Time Robbers Are Getting Ready

Ramadan comes with a full package of opportunities and spiritual environment that no one can deny: Fasting and patience, iftar parties and the social aspect, taraweeh prayers and Qur’an recitation…etc. All of that are great and they put you (or force you) into the Ramadan zone. However, your battle with your desires and your inner-self …

A Great Daily Plan to Make Your Life More Spiritual

A Great Daily Plan to Make Your Life More Spiritual

Your time is your life; and much like ice, it is constantly melting away. Do not let time go to waste. Know that time should not be without structure; you must audit your day and night organizing your routine of worship, and assigning an activity to each period…

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

5 Ways to Remember to Do Things on Time

How in the world are you supposed to keep a promise when you keep forgetting all about it? It creates a lot of guilt, and the more you forget, the more that pile of guilt keeps increasing. But think: Is that guilt doing any good? In fact, it only adds to your stress level, and stress is one of the things that hampers memory.

I Can't Cope with the Passing Time

I Can't Cope with the Passing Time

In this counseling answer: “Of course, you cannot really leave your current and future life; you cannot go back. But there is something you can do that may draw you out of this “stuck” place and move you to a “happier” place. You have been remembering all of the events in details that led to …


Condensed History of Our Spherical Home

Have you ever wondered about the history of this planet which hosts all our lives? Earth aka Gaia or Terra is the third planet from the Sun, the densest planet in the Solar System, the largest of the Solar System’s four terrestrial planets, and the only astronomical object known to harbor life.

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