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Would Islam Make Me A Terrorist?

Would Islam Make Me A Terrorist?

I started to become concerned and worried that if I become Muslim, am I going to be a terrorist? Am I going to fight and become like one of these guys? I didn’t know that anything about suicide bombing or any of these stuff, or any proofs that some of these people use…

I Wondered Was Muhammad (PBUH) Barbaric

I Wondered, Was Muhammad (PBUH) Barbaric? 

John Paul was searching for the truth and before he came to Islam he was hungry to know, he got a lot of questions, such as: Why are Muslims terrorists? Was Muhammad (PBUH) barbaric? His questions were answered and now he is Muslim! SubhanAllah!

150-Year Sentence Sought for Quebec Mosque Attacker

150-Year Sentence Sought for Quebec Mosque Attacker

QUEBEC – Crown lawyers have decided that Alexandre Bissonnette deserves to receive the longest sentence in Canadian history with 150 years in prison for killing six and injuring 19 Muslims in Quebec Mosque in Canada. “Bissonnette’s crimes are despicable, repugnant … and equate to terrorism,” said Crown prosecutor, Thomas Jacques, at the killer’s sentencing hearing …

Why Are Conversions Increasing with Terrorist Activity?

Why Are Conversions to Islam Still on the Rise?

Some of those whose conversion began with knowledge of a terrorist crime wanted to better understand how a religion could possibly be that evil. It’s an outrageous claim that isn’t easily swallowed by everyone. These people needed to find out for themselves.

Islam terrorism Jesus

Islam, Terrorism, and Jesus Christ

Salam (Peace) Dear Jim, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Your question raises two very good points. The first point is how we should define “terrorism” and “terrorists,” and the second point is the position of Jesus in Islam and what Islam means by referring to Jesus as “Christ.” Terrorism Is …

Islam - A Religion of War and Violence?

Trying to convince people that Muslims are not terrorists, or that Muslim women are not oppressed, or that not all Muslims represent Islam is becoming increasingly difficult. A Muslim man with a bushy beard is presumed to be planning an attack – on something…

LA Residents Unite With Islamic Center Against Hate

In a show of solidarity, members of Los Angeles religious, political and police communities paid a special visit to the Islamic Center of Southern California on Friday, attending the weekly prayer service to show unity against recent terrorist threats.

Any Teachings to Justify Terror

Any Teachings to Justify Terror?

Salam Dear Ario, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Before I come to the topic of the interpretation of the Quran, I need to draw your attention to some of the aspects, which are not so obvious, though related to the issues you have mentioned in your question. First of all, …

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