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Nutritional Blessings

Nutritional Blessings from Our Prophet

Modern Muslims often turn to books and magazines to find out what foods will make them healthy. However, the Qur’an and Hadith have provided many ideas of foods that we can include in our ideal diets. The Qur’an mentions many fruits and vegetables as well as meat, milk and many spices among the foods Muslims …

Any Benefits of Muslim “Earthing” Prostration

Any Benefits of Muslim "Earthing" Prostration?

Prostration is the placement of the body in a reverentially or submissively prone position as a gesture. Typically prostration is distinguished from the lesser acts of bowing or kneeling by involving a part of the body above the knee touching the ground, especially the hands.

5 Tips for Remaining Upbeat in the Winter Months

5 Tips for Remaining Upbeat in the Winter Months

The cold months can have a big effect on our skin, hair and nails. Set time aside to look after yourself and to enjoy some pampering. Setting time aside so you can feel beautiful is a key way to keep your mood up. This can be in the form of a nice bath…


Prophetic Sunnah on Sports

There are numerous Hadiths in the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) in which he recommended certain martial arts. He asked Muslims to maintain health and prepare for many situations in their lives. Thus, he (peace and blessings be upon him) says: “Any action without the remembrance of Allah is either a diversion or heedlessness excepting …


Following the Prophetic Science: Dieting, Nutrition & Cure

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the recipient of Allah’s Divine Hikmah. Allah chose him to receive it through Wahi (revelation). His entire life was, therefore, an epitome of success in health, hygiene, mental precision and human relationships. The Prophet taught his followers to have a peaceful mind though acceptance in life changes. He warned them not to …


Siwak: Preventive Medicine For Your Teeth

One of the best ways to protect one’s teeth is siwak. The Prophetic Sunnah contains several mentions of it. Siwak are cleaning wicks. They get their name from the Arabic word “yudlik”. Its rough translation is “massage” (i.e., massage the mouth). It means more than “tooth brush.” The best type of siwak is that which …

What are the Sunnah clothes?

Wearing Eastern Clothing in the West Is Sunnah?

Is there specific type of Sunnah clothes that we should stick to? You may see some Muslims wearing eastern clothes in western countries thinking it is the Sunnah. But is that true? But the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) wore the normal clothes that his people used. What should we learn from that? …


Medicine of Prophet: Every Illness Has Cure

I once asked an Austrian friend of mine who had just qualified as a doctor where he went when he was sick. The surprising answer was that he and most of his colleagues went to a homeopath. He reminded me of our family G. P. who didn’t believe in medicines. I was told ‘just take …

Par Excellence

Prophetic Medicine: Message Par Excellence

Prophet Muhammad’s traditions are rich in advice on hygiene, sanitation, and treatment of disease through the use of medication. Referred to as Al-Tibb Al-Nabawi (Prophetic Medicine) by Muslims the world over, about 50 prophetic traditions on specific ailments and their remedies have been grouped together under the chapter referred to as Kitab-al-Tibb (the book of medicine) …

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