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Journey Through the Quran - God's Original Forgiveness

Journey Through the Quran - God's Original Forgiveness

It is significant that in this story, we don’t have a mention of the original sin, but we have a story of original forgiveness. So God forgave Adam. And in this we have the lesson that when we mess up, when we commit sins, God is willing to forgive us as well.

The Man Who Made My First Ramadan Different

The Man Who Made My First Ramadan Different

The story of an Algerian man who made a big difference in the first Ramadan of Ustadh Usama Canon. It happened 20 years ago but Brother Canon still remembers it with gratefulness and appreciation. Be that person during Ramadan who reaches out to someone in this month, that would be otherwise breaking their fast alone, whether …

3 Stories Narrated by the Prophet

The Prophet (peace be upon him) sometimes narrated stories of previous people to the companions. Of course, all these stories were facts and not made up, and the Prophet didn’t narrate them for entertainment but rather to learn lessons from them that we can apply to our own lives.

"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

"Can I Have an Affair?" A Youth Asks the Prophet (PBUH)

Imagine a young man coming to the Imam of your neighboring mosque with this strange request: “Can I get a fatwa that permits me to commit Zina (fornication/adultery)?” What kind of response will he receive? I think that shocked and angry reproach is the most likely reaction of the attendees and the Imam; you would …

Inspiring Stories of Reverts Freed from Addiction

David, an American revert, was addicted to alcohol, and opiate drugs, including Oxycontin, marijuana, and Xanax. He used alcohol and marijuana during high school at 15. He continued to use up until the age of 30, looking for an “escape” from the life he had…

Mary: The Honored Mother of Jesus

Mary was scared and frightened; she felt so weak, having just given birth, so how could she possibly shake the immense trunk of a date tree? But God continued to provide Mary with sustenance. The next event was indeed another miracle, and as human beings we learn a great lesson from this…


Love Story of Prophet Muhammad & Lady Khadijah

Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) was one of a kind. She was a woman of beauty, faith and courage. Her life was full of events and experiences that teach us volumes about faith, nobility and strength. In this folder, we highlight the life story of Lady Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, mother of the believers; her …

Leigh Story - God Gave Me What is Better

Leigh’s Story - God Gave Me What is Better

Leigh explains: “My life felt like a storm. But I found so much peace in my new faith. My husband continued to attack my faith and eventually threatened me with divorce if I did not leave my religion. I refused, and he made good on his promise.”

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