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After Broken Engagement, Mom Forces Me to Get Married

After Broken Engagement, Mom Forces Me to Get Married

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum Brother, Thank you for sending us your question. I am sorry to hear about the recent break-off of your engagement. It appears that you are deeply hurt by what happened. I ask Allah (swt) to help you ease your pain and to allow you to move on in life with confidence and …

Dua For When You Are Feeling Sad & Depressed

Dua For When You Are Feeling Sad & Depressed

We all feel sad or depressed from time to time. Listen to this beautiful dua and learn it to recite to help you when you have these times of sadness. Saad Al Qureshi recites it beautifully. There are English subtitles and it is repeated throughout

Can Islam Cure Depression?

Salam Sara, Thank you for raising this interesting issue. According to psychological studies, a large percentage of people today are subject to some kind of depression, even small children, so it is important to explore this issue in relation to being better Muslims. The Islamic system aims to create a balance in the Muslim’s life, by …

What Causes Sadness and Depression?

Depression and anxiety are buzzwords of current times. Nearly everyone knows someone who is struggling with extreme sadness for a myriad of reasons. It is impossible to categorize those who go through difficult times in boxes, because everyone has their own journey…

Feeling Bad About Myself & Losing Motivation

Feeling Bad About Myself & Losing Motivation

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum, It seems you have some stressors in your life that have gravely affected your mood and day-to-day activities. It is very difficult and perhaps impossible to remotely diagnose you with any condition. Therefore, all I can say is that you are presenting symptoms that are usually seen with depression. They are usually …

A Bullied Teen: I Want to Overcome My Depression

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaikum, Thank you for placing your trust in our ability to propose a solution to your current situation. I understand that your depressive state is a result of the abusive treatment you received from your schoolmates when you were younger. You have successfully overcome all negativity through weight-lifting and exercising which clearly proved …

Pain, Sadness and Depression... How to Cope

Pain, Sadness and Depression...How to Cope

Why is pain useful? Pain, physical or emotional, indicates that there is a problem. It indicates something needs to be treated. Using painkillers only and ignoring the root causes of our problems is not useful or smart; it can cause further damage. It’s human to feel sad; however, there’s a difference between depression, devastation, …

Don't Let Sadness Overwhelm You

Sadness kicks in. you’ve become that bad, original paralysis, that original failure, it then leads you right into sadness. So Allah Almighty doesn’t just say: “don’t be sad”. He actually went to the root cause. The root cause was some kind of failure, some kind of disappointment…

How to Recognize Constructive and Destructive Sadness?

There is a kind of sadness that leads to joy; it’s the sadness of those who seek Allah. It might be described as the tremendous relief someone might feel after crawling for miles through a tunnel and finally seeing a bit of light. The tears that come contain within them both…

Overcoming Feelings of Lower Self

Struggling with the lower-self is easy for those who believe, but some people still think that it would cause them pain, since they convince themselves that it is a very difficult struggle. Such people imagine that it is almost impossible to forgive someone when they fume at someone.

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