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Tahajjud Prayer

How Many Rakaahs Is the Tahajjud Prayer?

Short answer: Tahajjud does not entail a specific number of rakaahs, and there is no maximum limit. Just one witr is enough. …………. Salam Sister,   Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Tahajjud (Arabic for: optional late night prayer) does not entail a specific number of rakaahs (units of prayer) that must be performed. Nor is there any maximum …

cant pray tahajjud

Can't Pray Tahajjud: How Else Can I Draw Near to God?

Short Answer: Basically, tahajjud is voluntary, so it’s not required of you. Moreover, if your doctor has advised you against it, know that harming your body for the sake of worship robs you of the benefits of that extra worship. We must care for our body, and this is also an act of worship. Maybe try one of …

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