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road Heaven

What's the Road to Heaven According to Islam?

Short Answer: Faith and good deeds about sums up the answer to your question in a nutshell! God sent us prophets to guide us to the right path, to increase our faith and show us how to live it out. We all have a free will but will have to answer to God someday for the way …

10 Companions Were Promised Paradise - Who Are They?

10 Companions Were Promised Paradise - Who Are They?

The greatest and most profound achievement of this world is to make Jannah (paradise). From the commencement of life on earth till this day and generations to come, the only hope that we as Muslims are optimistic about is the belief that someday all our ups and downs shall come to an end and we will be rewarded bountifully in paradise.

Ihsan is The Shortest Way to Allah

Ihsan - The Shortest Way to Allah

The utmost motivation for your good deeds is to gain Allah’s Mercy, for it is the ultimate Divine Bestowal. Allah’s Mercy upon you means that you are spiritually stable, happy, secured, satisfied, wise, and that you have a disciplined household, a pious wife and dutiful children.

loved one paradise

Will My Late Grandparent Be Given Paradise?

Short answer: No one can know the ultimate destination of another. But, rest assured: assuming your loved one worked with the intention to please Allah, Allah promises to reward her immensely and grant her Paradise. Salam dear questioner, Thank you very much for your question. Thank you also for your concern about your grandmother. This concern …

Paradise Is Under Your Mother's Feet

A young man went to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and asked to fight with him. He asked him if he had a mother? He said go and serve your mother and you will have paradise.

good reward

Should We Do Good For The Sake of Good Or For Reward?

Salam Dear Aslan, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. You are quite right when you say that good deeds should be done not merely for a reward from people, but because they are good deeds in themselves. But why do we wish to do what is good and just? Every act …

Why Do Paradise and Hell Exist?

Why Do Paradise and Hell Exist?

Knowledge of the Hellfire serves to dissuade man from wrong-doing while a glimpse into the treasures of Paradise incites him towards good deeds and righteousness.

How to Gain Love of Allah and People (Video)

How to Gain Love of Allah and People (Video)

How to win both the love of Allah and also the love of people? That was the question which one of the Companions asked the Prophet about, a question that every Muslim should aspire to know and a goal worth of seeking. The keyword to answer this question, as the Prophet made it clear, is …

Who is the Last Person to Enter Paradise?

Who is the Last Person to Enter Paradise?

Paradise is the incredible reward that God has prepared for the believers; for those who obey Him. It is a place of complete joy and serenity and there is nothing in existence that can disturb this. It will go on forever and we hope that it will be our eternal home.

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