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Where Is Your Paradise?

If Life is a Prison, Where Is Your Paradise?

This world is imperfect. It is not the soul’s true home. It is a testing ground where the body gets sick, disaster strikes, and where we are constantly disappointed. The disbeliever makes an imperfect heaven in this life, refusing to strive for the perfect one.

Much Chaos

What’s the Point of this World? Why Is There So Much Chaos?

Short Answer: We understand you are suffering and going through hardship brother, but know that this will not go unnoticed and this will not go unrewarded. Allah will reward you for every second of hardship if you’re patient and continue to seek Him. Things WILL get better here, and you will be compensated with no limits …

What’s the Point of this World?

What’s the Point of this World? Why Don't We All Have an Easy Life?

Part 1      Part 3 Short Answer: When we despair and give up, we disbelieve in Allah’s Names and His Power to provide for us, bring us justice, appreciate our efforts, open doors for us, expand our chests and grant us relief and guidance and bring us from the depth of darkness into light. We may …

Point of this World

What’s the Point of this World? - Why So Much Pain?

Short Answer: Some of the most beautiful realities emerge from some of the most excruciatingly painful moments. Contemplate on pregnancy and labor for example. Think about all the changes a mother goes through over a period of nine whole months. Think about those long hours of intense labor, of waiting, screaming, tears and pain…. Then comes the …

Divorced Couples

Will Divorced Couples Be Reunited in Paradise?

Short Answer: All those admitted to Paradise will get whatever they wanted or wished for, or something (or someone) even better than that, and they will be very happy. This includes divorced couples. If a wife or husband wants to be reunited in Paradise with their ex-spouse, then this will depend on whether the latter also would like to be reunited …

How to Cope with Child Loss

How to Cope with Child Loss

One of the greatest tests that one may go through is child loss. Perhaps it is the most distressing moment for a parent when he/she helplessly sees his/her kid passing away. It could be a devastating experience that turn’s one’s life upside down. How to deal with such a critical situation? Sheikh Omar Suleiman answers …

loved one paradise

Will My Late Grandparent Be Given Paradise?

Short answer: No one can know the ultimate destination of another. But, rest assured: assuming your loved one worked with the intention to please Allah, Allah promises to reward her immensely and grant her Paradise. Salam dear questioner, Thank you very much for your question. Thank you also for your concern about your grandmother. This concern …

Western Clothing Wrong

Is Decent Western Clothing Wrong for a Muslim Woman?

Short Answer: Dress is conventional according to one’s environment. Dress in one country differs to that in another country according to climate and culture or tradition. Pants and shirts are acceptable, providing the shirts are not sleeveless or short-sleeved. Clothes should not be so tight fitting as to emphasize the figure nor transparent. Finally, only …

Those Who Inherit Paradise

Those Who Inherit Paradise

Who are those who inherit Paradise? Both believers and disbelievers will have trials in this life. But those who believe will inherit Paradise.

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