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Great Flood and Noah’s Ark

Floods have always been a part of human existence. Seasonal floods increase soil fertility bringing nutrients as they also gave birth to the agricultural revolution and the first permanent human settlements on the riverbanks of Africa and Asia (NASA p.1-3). There is one flood, however, that continues to intrigue adventurers and scientists alike. Story Narrated …

Noahs Ark

Is There Any Proof of Noah's Ark?

Short Answer: Not necessarily. Sometimes people say they have brought back a plank from some location, or something like this, but most of the evidence seems to lead to dead ends. When the Quran says that the Ark rested on Mount Judi, and this is a very specific mountain, and that makes sense from that perspective. The …

New Discovery of Noah's Ark was Revealed in the Quran

Though the matter is of less significance than the story itself, people are curious to know where the Ark is. According to The Observer newspaper, 16 January 1994, a team of scientists said that they had found Noah’s Ark on the Turkish-Iranian border, 32 kilometers from Mount Ararat…

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