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Can a Muslim Make New Year's Resolutions?

Short Answer: Absolutely! It’s only natural that at the start of a new year, either according to our modern calendar or the Hijri one, that one would reflect on the year and make plans to improve. Be careful that your new years resolutions are realistic and that you have good intentions behind them all. Make sure you …


Have You Made Your New Year's Resolution?

Nadia has given up making New Year’s resolutions.  She says that she makes the same ones year in and year out and never ever keeps them for longer than a week or two.  “The whole process is an exercise in futility and a guilty, depressing one at that,” she laments. Research data from countless sources …

New Year’s Resolutions For Reverts - Setting Goals

New Year’s Resolutions For Reverts - Setting Goals

Why not shake things up this year and make New Year’s resolutions that you can strive to apply to each and every one of the upcoming 365 days? It’s as simple as making a list of all of the New Year’s resolutions you would like to fulfill and keeping track of your progress throughout the year.

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