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Walking in Humility- 7 Ways to Be the Elite of God's Servants

Walking in Humility- 7 Ways to Be the Elite of God's Servants

Do you consider yourself humble? We live in a time of boasting and competition in material things, and we have become proud of our money, knowledge, and even the number of children we have. Another common example is parents boasting about their…

Make Dua, Even if You Think it’s Your Destiny

Make Dua, Even if You Think it’s Your Destiny

Something can be in our destiny. Still, it is imperative to ask for it. One important benefit of Dua is that it makes our hearts humble. When we see good results, we will dedicate it to Allah’s Mercy, instead of taking pride in our efforts…

7 Signs to Know Whether You Have Pride Problem

7 Signs to Know Whether You Have a Pride Problem

From pride, many other negative character traits are born, such as arrogance, envy, and anger. Know that pride has three degrees: The lowest is with respect to people; another degree is with respect to the messenger of God; the highest degree is with respect to God.

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Are Muslims Superior to Non-Muslims?

Being Muslim doesn’t make them superior to anyone. In fact, being Muslim makes them even more aware of how men and women are just passing through this world for a short time and that while they are here they live as brothers and sisters.

Prophet Muhammad: The Thankful Slave

When we realize the enormous blessings that God has bestowed upon us, can we become grateful to Him, by using those blessings according to His pleasure, and remembering and praising Him often for them?

My Own Hajj - A Lesson in Humility

My Own Hajj - A Lesson in Humility

My own Hajj taught me a number of lessons, but perhaps one of the things I most remember about it was how humbling an experience it was. I remember noticing almost immediately upon arriving in Makkah the sheer number of people and thinking, “all these people here to worship Allah?”

Worship: The Essence of True Humility

Humility comes from knowing about God and recognizing His greatness, venerating Him, loving Him and being in awe of Him; and it comes from knowing about oneself and one’s own faults, and weaknesses. God gives this characteristic to those who struggle to become close to Him through deeds of piety and righteousness.

6 Avenues of Happiness

Happiness can be found in the world around us, and there are no secrets that living a healthy and balanced lifestyle, surrounded with friends and family, provide avenues for both happiness in this world, and in the next, as it’s very much in line with the way of Islam.

What It’s Like Being A Hijabi in the US

One last look in the mirror, Theresa. Make sure you don’t have anything hanging out of your nose. Are your eyebrows trying to run wild on your forehead? … I tell myself as I put my purse on my shoulder and lock the car door. I stand up straight and hold my gaze forward with as much self-respect…

Be Humble: It's a Sunnah

We need to protect ourselves from thinking we are better than others, as Iblis believed he was better than us. We must understand that the foundation of humility is knowing that if we are elevated in status it is only because of Allah.

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