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Ramadan Ends

What Happens Once Ramadan Ends?

Short Answer: Keep the Quran fresh in your heart and mind. Don’t put it aside when Ramadan ends. We need to ponder over the meanings of the Quranic text so that we know what the message of God is for us. We also need to be sure that we’re applying the Book in our daily lives. So make …

5 Tips to Remain Steadfast

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you so much for trusting About Islam with this important question. Here are 5 important ways to engage further with your faith and remain steadfast. 1- Making sincere, daily dua (supplication) It is no coincidence that we say at least 17 times a day in our 5 daily prayers: {It is You we worship and You we ask …

Social Anxiety Inhibits my Faith

Asalamu Alaikum Hafiza, Thank you for trusting About Islam with your problem. While reading the first few sentences of your message, I started wondering if you suffer from anxiety. So, thank you for including that info, which means you’re aware of the problem and working on addressing it. I think this is a major factor in your feelings …

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