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Good & Evil

Do Good and Evil Both Come from Allah?

Short Answer: “All good that comes to man and all evil that befalls him flow originally from Allah’s will: that is, everything is from Allah. When man uses his free will and makes a wrong choice out of several available options, evil follows. We should remember that evil is the absence of good. Thus, it is true …

Where Is Justice?

Salam dear brother, Thank you very much for contacting About Islam with your question.  Yours is a question that bothers many thinkers who are really worried about the way the world is going. But ponder about this problem along these lines: Allah has not made this world perfect. This is a testing ground for human beings …

Understanding Natural Evil

Asalamu Alaikum Abel, Thank you for contacting About Islam with question. Divergent explanations have been offered by different Christian philosophers and theologians for the occurrence of natural disasters. But here I confine myself to the Islamic view. In Islam, both good and evil do necessarily have a place in the Divine Will and Plan. Islam teaches …

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