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Equal Rights for Women

Equal Rights for Women?

Short Answer: Studies show that there is a high rate of violence against women even in the family in Sweden regardless of the strict rules that “dictate” respect for women. This validates the fact that the law itself is not enough, unless there is an inherent power in people to respect this law. This inherent power, we …


Was Prophet Muhammad Racist?

Short Answer: Since the Prophet (PBUH) was always in support of human rights and since the very first day of his mission as a prophet, he launched a war against discrimination of all types and on all levels. When the Prophet (PBUH) was instructed to go out and deliver the message, he was told that one of …

Why Do Some Women Want to Be Sexualized?

Salam dear brother, Thank you for contacting us with your question, brother. You have been blessed at such a young age with the most incomparably valuable blessing that anyone can receive from Allah during this worldly life: belief in Islam. I am so pleased to see your commendable concern for the disturbing trends.  May Allah grant …

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