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Joys in Highest and Lowest Ranks of Paradise

Joys in Highest and Lowest Ranks of Paradise

This video takes us in a beautiful journey to Jannah, inciting yearning in hearts of true believers who really love and truly care about getting admitted to Paradise. Sheikh Omar Suleiman starts this short talk with a recount of a conversation between Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) an Allah, in which Prophet Musa learns …

enjoy life

Why Does God Forbid Muslims To Enjoy Life?

Short Answer: Islam does not forbid fun! Haram (forbidden) is the exception and halal (permissible) is the principle. Islamic Law was not revealed to restrain people, confiscate their freedom, or to make their life hard and miserable. The rules in Islam allow a Muslim to fulfill his urges without being taken captive by them. Salam (Peace) Dear Dominick, Thank …

Stuck in the Snow- Time to Reflect?

Stuck in the Snow: Time to Reflect?

With the Christmas season less than two weeks away, this unexpected snow storm may offer a good opportunity for many of us to contemplate on life during a time of year when most of us are not too busy. When was the last time you took “time out” from your busy work or study schedule to reflect on life?

Love Dunya

Love of Dunya: Where to Draw the Line?

Short Answer: This obsession with dunya, or the pleasures of this world, is mainly due to poor tawakkul  (full reliance on Allah) and discontentment, and fear of poverty. The solution is to take Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s advice and apply it to our lives: remember Allah in all we do, remember death is imminent, and …

How to Control Our Love for this Dunya?

How to Control Our Love for this Dunya?

The good news is that, as parents, you can do a lot to make sure the love of Allah wins over the love of dunya in the hearts and minds of your children. Use their obsession with getting that bright and shiny new toy as a teachable moment. Tell them about children who could only dream about having all that they have.

In the Ocean of the Dunya - Seeking Pearls or Drowning

While it is a difficult journey and difficulties that lie all through it, there are lots of treasures that we can enjoy in the sea. There are lots of beautiful things that Allah has taught us in the dunya and given us so as to enjoy and cherish.

Seeking Comfort in Life - How?

Seeking Comfort in Life - How?

Human desires are insatiable. And for this reason, the more we chase after this world, the less we are satisfied. If we chase after the love of a human being, especially in ways that are not lawful, inevitably we will be let down because no human being is perfect.

easy life

Shouldn't Muslims Have An Easy Life?

Thank you, Amanda, for sending in your question to Ask About Islam To start with, yes, you are right. Allah does mention in the Qur’an that He intends ease for us, and not hardship, in the verses regarding the command for Muslims to fast during the entire month of Ramadan. Allah says: Ramaḍân is the …

Save Yourself – Episode 25

Save Yourself - Episode 25

In Surah 57 of the Qur’an, Allah tells us that we should know that the life of this Dunya is play and amusement. What Allah means by play is something to occupy us with when we are on Earth. Allah describes how we are whilst we are on Earth, men want more in wealth and …

Are We Prepared - Yasmin Mogahed

Are We Prepared - Yasmin Mogahed

A very important reminder by Yasmin Mogahed that it is an honor to serve our creator. However, nowadays we are seeing it as a burden. Yet we forget we will have to stand in front of Allah and be held accountable for our life in Dunya. Are we prepared for that?

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