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Are Social Media Bots Destroying Democracy?

Bots are manipulating the mood and opinion of individuals, often exploiting people’s fears, exacerbating them, and pushing them to engage in behavior which otherwise they may not do.

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Should I Vote for A Candidate Just Because They're Muslim?

Short Answer: No, a Muslim should not just look at the religious affiliation of, or their personal connections with, a certain candidate who is running for office, when deciding who to vote for. Rather, one should consider the holistic picture of each candidate, including his religious beliefs, as well as the scale of harm or loss that would occur …

The Democratic Republic of Muhammad

The Democratic Republic of Muhammad

The first true democracy which addressed the public at large, especially in sensitive issues like electing the ruler, was recorded immediately after the death of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

What Is the Essence of An Islamic State?

Salam Alvin,  Thank you for contacting About Islam with your questions.  Let me first state that your questions need a lot of time and space to be properly conveyed because they encompass big topics of Islamic Jurisprudence. To start, the words “Islamic state” refer to the state where the law and constitution are based on the …

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