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Elderly Brit Converts to Islam after 14 Years in Turkey

He ‘fell in love with Islam after reading about Prophet Muhammad…’ MUĞLA – An elderly British man living in Turkey has converted to Islam after getting to know Islamic traditions and customs during his stay in the transcontinental Muslim country, Yeni Safak reported on February 21. Cliff Peter Barber, 72, has been residing in Turkey, …

Waraqa, Angel Gabriel & The First Converts to Islam-

Waraqa, Angel Gabriel & The First Converts to Islam

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was very shaken by his first meeting with Angel Gabriel in the cave outside Makkah. He was concerned about what had happened and afraid for his own wellbeing. Lady Khadijah did her best to calm him down…

We Bear Witness: Celebrities & Islam in 2018

MAKKAH – Many news stories about celebrities, Islam and Muslims have made headlines during the year 2018. In this mini-file, we offer you a glimpse of the stories and features that were the most interesting to our readers in 2018, hoping you enjoy reading them again. Sinéad O’Connor Finds Islam We’ll always know her best …

Wisdom and Hope in Dealing With Your Non-Muslim Family

Wisdom and Hope in Dealing With Your Non-Muslim Family

If Christmas is an important time for our family to get together, to spend time together, we need to understand that shunning them will drive them further away from us. We can negotiate, for example, that we do not join them if they go to church…

Christmas Season

The Christmas Season For New Muslims

When it’s Christmas season, most newly converts to Islam find it hard not to attend the feast and celebrate with their families like before. This challenge is certainly a hard experience. Also they’re put in situations where families, relatives, and friends…

59 People Embrace Islam in Filipino Village

CEBU, The Philippines – A total number of 59 Filipino villagers converted to Islam on Monday, December 10, following a lecture by a Muslim scholar working with the UK-based Islamic Education & Research Academy (IERA). In the village of Tingtingon on the Filipino Island of Cebu, people attended a lecture by Abu Bakr Arabi titled …

Hey… It’s OK- Welcome New Converts

Hey… It’s OK: Welcome New Converts

Islam is not a Sunday religion. It’s not a matter of going to the mosque once a week and your ticket to heaven is safe. Oh, no! Islam is a way of life and it has guidance for every small matter of daily living. Don’t be overwhelmed though.

Pilot Converts to Islam 18,000 Feet Above Saudi Arabia

“There is no god but Allah” “I testify that Muhammad is the Prophet”  MAKKAH – The news that a Brazilian pilot has reportedly converted to Islam while flying a passenger jet above Saudi Arabia, has been making headlines, with many welcoming the new convert to the world’s fastest growing religion. “We are here with pilot …

How the Prophet Muhammad Cared for Converts

How the Prophet Muhammad Cared for Converts

Reflect for a moment on the idea that the companions could talk to the Prophet about whatever was going on in their life, for better or for worse, and they were met with that beautiful open prophetic heart. And reflect for a moment upon the priority…

The Importance of Spirituality in Articulating Islam in the West

The Importance of Spirituality in Articulating Islam in the West

This race towards materialism has not quenched the inner yearning of many in the West for meaning; a fact that has also meant that the failure to fill the void with the spirituality of Islam has led to many pseudo notions of spirituality that are unable to provide…

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