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My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

My Love for Jesus Led Me to Islam

I was a very staunch Christian before converting to Islam. My life as a Christian was a focal point of my faith journey; without it I would not be a Muslim and it was my love for Jesus (peace be upon him) that actually led me to Islam.

After Converting, How to Deal with My Christian Daughters?

In this counseling answer: •Concerning your daughters, I would advise you again to be patient. Sometimes, when we know how good something is, our natural inclination is to want those whom we love to have it as well; the problem is they may not be ready to accept it. In this case, your encouragement to …

I Converted to Islam That I Once Used to Hate

I Converted to Islam That I Once Used to Hate

Even with this loathing of Islam, I noticed the religion continued to reappear into my life. This was quite baffling as I happily attacked and deeply hated Islam. Perplexed, I decided to pay attention to this phenomenon and repeat my research of Islam. I ensured to do so with a pure and unbiased mindset…

Effortless Acceptance- Abigail and Her Family

Effortless Acceptance: Abigail and Her Family

When I asked Abigail if her relationship with her family had changed at all, Abigail said: “Everyone seems to accept me as a Muslim. And all those relationships are the same. But my relationship with my mom has gotten better. I make an effort to admit when I am…

I Wanted to Attack Islam, I Became Muslim

I took my final decision. In the morning I spoke with my wife from whom I have three sons and one daughter. But no sooner then she felt that I was inclined to embrace Islam then she cried and asked for help from the head of the mission. When he asked me about my true attitude…

Jessica Broke Down Barriers When She Came to Islam

Jessica Broke Down Barriers When She Came to Islam

The church my parents and all of my family went to, preached very hard against Islam and had everyone in the congregation convinced that Muslims worship the devil. This was a huge obstacle I knew I had to overcome if I ever wanted to be at peace with myself.

I Found Jesus in the Quran, I Was Shocked!

I Found Jesus in the Quran, I Was Shocked!

I was in a state of shock. I didn’t know that Jesus was in the Quran. I didn’t know that there were stories about Moses, Lot, Noah, and other prophets. I didn’t know this all was in the Quran. When I knew it, I was actually in a state of shock and I thought “Oh wow”.


My Son Doesn't Understand the World

In this counseling answer: “First off, your son must understand that good never loses and evil never wins. Of course in this temporary world that may appear to be the case, but in Reality, in the world of Truth, only Allah exists and Allah is good. Evil, according to many erudite scholars and saints of …

partner won't convert

New Muslim: Long-Term Partner Won't Convert. What To Do?

Salam Dear Sister, Many congratulations on becoming Muslim. It is a sign of His great love towards you that out of all the people on the face of the earth, He has chosen you to be Muslim. You are right that you are now taking the first steps along the right path and you must be …

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